Adult breastfeeding dating website

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Adult breastfeeding dating website

Although this category made up a sizeable minority of all online fetishes (9%), it is unknown what proportion of these online fetish sites were lactophilic in comparison to the fetishes of other bodily fluids.

The rise in interest surrounding lactophilic activity has led to lactation prostitution, in which grown adults—including women—pay for the opportunity to be breastfed.

In a previous blog on fetishism, I wrote at length about a study led by Dr. Scorolli (University of Bologna, Italy) on the relative prevalence of different fetishes using online fetish form data.

It was estimated (very conservatively in the authors’ opinion), that their sample size comprised at least 5,000 fetishists.

It is evidently a specialty market, although the internet has increased the opportunity to see such pornography—even if the person is not a lactophile.

Such niche pornography may also be considered taboo—even by those who have no objections to pornography—particularly because of its association with children and incest.

Over the last decade there appears to have been an increased demand for lactation pornography.

Those who suckle and are suckled within the confines of a monogamous sexual relationship are often referred to as a “nursing couple.” There are a number of different methods by which erotic lactation can take place.

'Lactation games' typically refers to any kind of sexual activity that includes female breast milk.

It is thought that in some cases, the suckling can be a replacement for sex and that the mutual and intimate tenderness involved between consenting couples has a stabilizing influence on such relationships.

It has also been noted that some women are capable of achieving orgasm during the suckling process.

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Anecdotal evidence suggests that successful ANRs are reliant on trusting and stable long-term relationships.