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Summer is thusly comfortable, with plentiful days of sunshine and nice days.Thus, it is in that season that the city truly shines and earns its moniker as the "Garden City," with many green parks and plentiful local flora and fauna.Because of religious differences with Governor John Endecott, Beverly would be set off and officially incorporated in 1668, when it was named "Beverley" after Beverley, the county town of the East Riding of Yorkshire, England.Surviving from the settlement's early history is the Balch House, built, according to dendrochronological testing performed in 2006, about 1679.When the summer heat does reach Beverly, respite can be found at one of the city's many beaches for swimming.Like the rest of the North Shore, keep in mind that the water will be cold no matter the season.Continental and à la carte breakfast options are available each morning at Beverly Garden Suites.Boston is 23 miles from the accommodation, while Cambridge is 22 miles from the property.

Even with no events going on, Cabot Street in the summer is quite pleasant with many different shops and stores catering to foot traffic and cafes with outdoor seating.While summer is probably the nicest season to experience Beverly, it also is throughly pleasant in the autumn, with foliage peaking around mid-October, as well as in the springtime during May and June when the flowers come into full bloom.And if you plan to visit during the winter months, the Atlantic Ocean has a moderating effect on the temperature, causing the city to not get as cold or icy as areas inland.Dating back to the 17th century, Beverly has a long maritime history intertwined with resort, residential, and manufacturing roles that have helped defined the city as it is today.From the city's more urbanized western side to the rural estates of the east, Beverly possesses a diverse landscape that adds a number of different areas for visitors to explore.

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It's about 15 minutes to drive to Salem or to Danvers.

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