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I have a heart-shaped box, and inside are the following items: A small container full of diamonds, gems and pearls, a necklace with a typewriter charm on it, a pocket watch, a Victorian-era British coin from 1878, a silver bracelet and amber earrings from my deceased mother, a necklace with a heart-shaped charm on it, a gold and diamond bracelet, a bangle that I was given as a child, a USB stick full of photos of me and my bf, and the box itself, which was given to me for Valentine's day by my bf. Even some old paintings I got directly from my grandmother from back when she was still herself, which I'm facing right now (there's a very old watercolor picture of a samurai and a humoristic drawing of a late 19th century horeseman) don't have as much emotional value to me as a simple mug my parents bought not even specifically for me while on a trip in great britain, it's not even particularly nice, it just has the Underground map printed on it.

But for some reason I feel totally lost without it.

Thanks to Corey Whitney, I got to test some of the early Dragon's Hearts (specifically, the Original, the Hardened, and the GT).

After weeks of rigorous real-world testing, I gave my feedback.

Suwon was nice and safe and kept the status quo for Yona. I hope he needs some convincing/reassurance and I hope he gives her the chance to speak more. I would love to hear them address all the mixed messages they gave each other. It's not a dream, not an hallucination, not that she's murmling nonsense.A kurt cobain, and deadpool funko pop from the oragami lilly girl.A mint, with a palm lead tied into a shoddy cross on my part, from my cousins wedding.Trekkies are the type to get the most obscure memorabilia, the kind only another Trekkie would recognise.* My drum tuning key.I had to sell my drumset when I moved to the city, because this place is rather small, and because living in the city means I have neighbours. I have done some drum tech work in the various bands I've been in over the years, so I have been carrying that tuning key inside the case of my primary guitar.* Dragon's Heart guitar plectrums.

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A stuffed animal monkey from the elementary school store my 6th grade best friend bought me before she left this town forever.

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