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Two great political media finds, thanks to Tech Crunch: 1. Blog The Campaign ’08: Much of the same thing, however, it seems that Tech President has much more potential.

Tech President: “Tech President is a new group blog from Personal Democracy Forum that covers how the 2008 presidential candidates are using the web, and vice versa, how content generated by voters is affecting the campaign.” All in all, it seems quite reminiscent of Hotline On Call, but focuses on social media. While you wonder why you’re at work today, enjoy these: 1. David Chartier over at TUAW points to a new Dashboard/Yahoo widget by the good “volks” at Volkswagen.

While the UI and wrapper need to be worked on (for instance, the site should be its own page, not in a frame on the page.

What other company-specific widgets exist out there, and how useful and appropriate do you think they are? Obama’s Internet Potential: Matt Stoller over at My DD touches on this. Vent Box: A new website dedicated towards the creation of angry rants. Oh yes, it’s called the “Internet.” “Starting today, Mr.

This should improve with time — the platform has just launched, and so just getting the back end done is impressive.

It just needs a more appealing and more intuitive interface.

Free events are nice, but it’s questionable as far as how this ties into the Rabbit.

However, there’s a ton of potential for this idea, especially when it comes to the political arena.

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Top 10 Worst Internet Marketing Videos Ever: Matt Coddington over at Net Business Blog has assembled his list of the top 10 worst You Tube marketing videos. Why watch the best when you can learn from the worst? Transparency in Social News: The Blog Herald discusses the different social news outlets, and how “transparent” they are. The Rabbit-specific widget “lists free public events in over a dozen cities.” Enter your zip, and whenever you hit that amazing F12 key, up come the admission-free thrillers sure to impress the girlfriend.