Are police uniforms intimidating

Posted by / 10-Feb-2020 17:50

Are police uniforms intimidating

Perhaps you have a bit of a fashion diva who’s ready to join the squad, but just isn’t quite ready to give up her girly skirt? Despite not being a career accurate portrayal of a police officer (we have more kids police costumes to fill that role too), this girl’s police costume offers a style that combines cute fashion with a uniform, giving any young girl the best of both worlds.

The red coat resembles the one worn by real Royal Canadian Mounted Police.Once she’s all done playing cop, she can also hang this outfit up for the next time she plays dress up.The Federal Bureau of Investigation is one serious place.Usually, it’s okay to dress up in a costume as long as you’re not actually trying to deceive anyone into believing that you’re truly affiliated with a law enforcement agency.As long as you make sure people know that you’re just looking the part for a party, you’re all clear to wear this realistic looking outfit.

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It takes plenty of studying, years of experience, and a tough attitude when it comes to hunting down rule breakers.