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max_hourly_log_declare cursor c1 is select inst_id, count(*) from gv$log group by inst_id, to_char(first_time,'YYYY-MM-DD HH24') order by inst_id; v_inst number; v_curr number; v_cnt number; v_max number; v_name varchar2(16); begin open c1; v_curr:=0; loop fetch c1 into v_inst,v_cnt; exit when c1%notfound; if (v_curr The script above will work for any number of instances supporting the Oracle RAC database.

Since each instance has its own thread of redo, we need to examine the maximum number of log switches per hour in each instance.

I also have details and diagnostic scripts for Oracle log optimization in col c1 format a10 heading "Month" col c2 format a25 heading "Archive Date" col c3 format 999 heading "Switches" compute AVG of C on A compute AVG of C on REPORT break on A skip 1 on REPORT skip 1 select to_char(trunc(first_time), 'Month') c1, to_char(trunc(first_time), 'Day : DD-Mon-YYYY') c2, count(*) c3 from v$log_history Switching too frequently may sometimes cause performance problems.Since the update to the newest spiceworks version my system and security event logs seem to not be updating for my devices.Unless I specifically run a re-scan on an individual device.Otherwise on the full scheduled scans it's not gathing this data. In a busy production environment, it is important to ensure that the frequency of redo log switches is not more than 5 per hour and the v$log_history view can help.

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