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Interracial relationships, handling racist friends and family, booty calls and friends with benefits, dating convicts, ferreting out child molesters and other weirdos, exes that won't let go, jealousy, what women REALLY want in a man, older women/younger men, and how to date with aplomb are just a few examples of the many subjects addressed.

Appearing on the list of Best Black Books of 2007, this unique dating guide translates manspeak into English women can understand, and exposes the games and codewords used by manipulative players and gold-diggers around the globe. delivers all that single women need to turn confusing romantic situations around.

The book also contains a quiz for those having relationship problems that can help determine if you are dating a sucka or not. Com is one of the longest-running Black owned websites on the Internet, and the first to focus exclusively on Black male/female relationships.

Makes a great gift for females of any age struggling with making smart choices in men and love. Her casual, down-to-earth style of relating to people of all races and ages worldwide afforded her the opportunity to gain sociological data on interpersonal relationships and a perspective that is unique in the industry. Cooper dispenses solid advice mixed with a healthy dose of humor to guide men and women in examining their actions, reactions and beliefs about relationships and the opposite gender.

Sucka Free Love delivers all that single women need to turn confusing romantic situations around.

Deborrah Cooper gained underground acclaim through her 18-year career of relationship advice counseling, conducting seminars and workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area and as a producer and host of "Heart Beat," a cable television talk show in Oakland, California.

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The Angry Black Man San Francisco CA USA Author: "Sucka Free Love" “Sucka Free Love!She was a frequent on-air guest at KMEL 106.1 radio and guest columnist on AOL's Net Noir channel. Cooper has been featured in Black Enterprise magazine, on CNN, and interviewed for Ebony, Essence, Honey and dozens of other regional and national publications and radio programs. Heart Beat," has penned hundreds of articles and provided relationship advice to millions on her groundbreaking Ask Heart Beat. She has also appeared as a guest expert on the nationally televised talk show "Men Are From Mars, Women are from Venus" with host Cybill Shepherd, and featured on BET Television's "Oh Drama! Nzinga Dee San Diego CA USA Legal Corruption Society King Phillip LLC T create a new religion which will expose and end corruption among all federal law enforcement officials.King Phillip Springfield OR USA Partisan Defense Lead attorney in Mumia-Abu-Jamal's case Robert Bryant / Pam Oliver San Francisco CA USA Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome — America’s Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing. Joy De Gruy Portland OR USA Advisor/Actor Black Advisor Speaking on condition of Black Community Bill Cosby Santa Monica CA USA ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Black Networking ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Black Youth Organization Black Youth Creative Combating Oppression Rize - Youth in Los Angeles express themselves artistically to combat oppression.

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