Books like the truths about dating and mating

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Books like the truths about dating and mating

She gets to do both as she co-hosts Riordan College’s radio program, The Truths about Dating and Mating, alongside her lifelong best friend, Ian Hollister.Being the only girl who cares to see beyond Ian’s bad boy reputation has its advantages, especially when he’s scaring off the jerks who just want to nail the campus sex-guru.All these books, call them manuals if you want, are full of valuable advice.However, they will only work magic if you allow them to, that is, if you implement them in your life.This is a clever book and must get a place in your coveted bookshelf for the renewed perspective it allows on dating, among other reasons.

In The Truths About Dating and Mating, spunky Italian coed Ivy Rossini likes to talk and push the boundaries.

Explaining the rules of dating, by making use of a supportive dose of psychology, this book will provide a deep insight on the diverse (and at times, contradictory) motives that guide men and women while dating. A standout when it comes to must read books for women, this one emphasizes the supposedly impractical expectations young girls have for their life partner.

It is not that all men are sub-standard but that the gals have set some near impossible benchmarks for the poor fellas to reach!

From eye contact and flirting to receiving compliments and doing “it,” this book takes everything in its embrace. He is not an expert, but Behrendt, has tapped into the most basic principle of dating in this bestselling book: if a man isn’t stepping up to the challenge, he perhaps is not interested. Hence, this book teaches you how to deduce the male signs of attraction.

Surely among the good books to read if you’re a single woman in the dating world. Red flags to alert you about whether you are dating a loser.

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If this is your dating history, this book will open your eyes and help you recognize your poor choices.