Bookworms dating loving

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Not only will we want to drag you along to see all the film adaptations with us.We will then expect you to listen throughout as we moan about every little thing that they changed, left out or completely ruined. We want our very own library and you should support us in this endeavour.Or we saw the trailer, which has made us want to read the book...And then of course we will need to see the movie to see if they did it well.

One reason that I feel you will all understand is this: He completely supports my bookworm ways, even though he doesn't understand them at all!Are you really growing as a person if your bookshelves haven’t changed, if you haven’t challenged yourself and your world view?If someone’s reading habits are stunted, are their lives stunted too?When looking for a potential partner, or even just someone we might have a conversation with for a night, these things are important. I ask questions about books because it tells me something about the way someone might think and feel, and these things are important when considering a new relationship.

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To me, that would indicate someone who is blind to issues plaguing our society or who isn’t interested in pushing their own intellectual boundaries.