Bsd usr ports updating permission denied

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On the other hand, many people use pkg(8) by itself and never install the optional portupgrade or portmaster tools.Dragon Fly daily snapshots and Releases (starting with 3.4) come with pkg(8) already installed.The files ending in the ".sample" extension are ignored; pkg(8) only reads files that end in ".conf" and it will read as many as it finds.

DPorts can and does feature ports unique to Dragon Fly, so it's truly a native system.

The pkg(8) tool called "pkg" is a modern and fast binary package manager.

It was developed for Free BSD, but PC-BSD used it in production first, followed soon after by Dragon Fly.

There may be defunct repositories listed and there may be active mirrors that are not listed as options.

You may edit or add new repo configuration files as necessary. The normal use case is that someone builds specific packages (e.g.

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