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Currently, long-term capital gains recognized by individuals are taxed at a maximum federal rate of no more than 20%.The 20% rate only affects singles with taxable income above 5,800, married joint-filing couples with income above 9,000, heads of households with income above 2,400, and married individuals who file separate returns with income above 9,500.based on percentage of ownership and contributions to the corp, loans etc.I mostly work with S-corp and partnerships - basis calculation for C corp stock is the same?I need to get a handle on the stock basis calculation.

Shareholder-Level Tax Results For federal income tax purposes, each shareholder’s receipt of the liquidating corporate distribution amount is treated as a sale of all the shareholder’s stock in exchange for the distribution.The cost of real property shall not include any amount in respect of real property taxes which are treated under section 164 (d) as imposed on the taxpayer.Is basis calulated as would be in a partnership or s-corp?This is for 'regular' or non-liquidating distributions in general.The corp is sold and no longer doing business, so the liquidating dividend would be a sale of stock.

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