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Cam2cam older women

There are a lot of not-so-awesome changes that come with getting older.Wrinkles, a slower metabolism, and health problems don't exactly sound like things to look forward to.

As our hair ages and thins, frizz can become an issue, even if you've never had a problem with it.

All of the stylists I spoke with agreed that the key to a great cut is being brave enough to try something new.

One of the fastest ways to look older is keeping the same haircut for decades.

"Any length you like, but be sure to incorporate some soft face framing layers!

" Hairstylist Jenna Mast agrees that layers are always flattering, but recommends getting really specific with your stylist before taking the plunge. Does having more layers (essentially less hair) help you with styling? "Hairdressers speak a more complicated language than 'a few layers' so it's easy to have miscommunication if you're trying something new for the first time." Adding layers to your cut can also give a gorgeous volume.

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