Chat bot for adults to have sex talk dating sims on gameboy

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Chat bot for adults to have sex talk

It offers a safe space for young people to ask questions around the subject in private without fear of censorship and stigmatization.

It’s important to design programs that reach young people where they already are (in our case, Facebook Messenger), rather than asking them to install new apps or other technology.

I live in a very conservative society where matters of sexual and reproductive health are discussed in low tones, and only by adults.

“We just made it feel like a person that you can like have a friendly conversation with.”Roo can be asked questions at any time.“They often go online to get information and ask their questions anonymously.It’s important that our youth receive a reliable answer they can trust.”She added, “As the nation’s largest provider of sex education, Planned Parenthood believes all young people have the right to the evidence-based information and skills they need to protect their health and plan their futures — and we’re excited for Roo to be a credible, approachable resource to get the personalized answers they need.”Dr.I believed strongly that technological innovations could fill these information gaps and increase access to reliable and confidential sexual and reproductive health resources in Kenya.That’s why I created the chatbot—to provide young people with a safe online space where they can access information without censorship or discrimination.

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Lucy Bot shares information with its users through conversations driven by instant messaging and can also direct users to additional resources, including the locations of existing health care facilities and live educators.

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