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While having an explanation about why you and your spouse have drifted apart may help you comprehend the situation, it may not give you a direction.

A therapist will help you and your spouse devise ways to overcome challenges so that both of you achieve what you want from the marriage, all the while keeping faith present.

As in all other forms of counseling, our goal is to use the principles of Scripture to guide and determine the best course of action for a healthy family relationship to occur. Living Free is a focused discipleship program that enables people to conquer life-controlling challenges, including divorce and grief recovery through Christ’s power in a confidential group setting.

We provide people with the tools necessary to step into freedom found in Christ and experience life transformation.

Psychology Today offers a free database to find licensed mental health professionals who are faith-based counselors in your local area; the database includes extensive profiles of each therapist including their education and licensing information and many profiled therapists include personalized messages.

Though pastors and church elders are not always licensed mental health professionals, many of them offer counseling that should be considered more structured, faith-based marital advice as opposed to formal therapy.

Putting back the teachings of the Lord helps people discover new perspectives on problems."I have read and understand the foregoing document which sets forth the NATURE OF COUNSELING, COUNSELING PLAN, CONDITIONS OF COUNSELING, AND CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY of James River Church.I Understand that this counseling session and further counseling sessions are being videotaped, but are not audio recorded.This 6-session premarital track is designed for engaged couples to explore what God has to say about the institution of marriage.Couples who wish to get married at James River Church or have a James River Pastor as their officiant are asked to complete these sessions before their wedding day.

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While some churches only offer counseling to members, others welcome anyone who needs counseling.