Clear glass beer botttles bottom dating

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Clear glass beer botttles bottom dating

Many are stamped with a name some have cobalt blue decoration, others have various glazes in shades of cream and brown.

These pottery bottles were manufactured in the 1830-1860 period.

For a choice of sauce bottles visit our Sauce Bottle section showing a choice of shape and size again in a good choice of pack sizes.

The Aromatherapy and Pharmacy Bottle section has everything from 5ml up to 1 litre in both amber and clear glass as well as range of plastic bottles with various cap fittings.

The earliest reference I could find was an 1764 ad which offered among other things, "bibles, Spelling books, primmers gloucester cheese and bottled beer." The forms varied little from the 1850-1880s. American manufactured stoneware beer bottles are commonly found in the Eastern States.

Pottery bottles are often two tone glazed but also can be found with a solid cream color glaze. Black glass ale bottles from the 1840-1880s are largely unembossed. These bottles which also contained various soft drinks, were heavy pottery bottles with a characteristic stocky shape unlike any of the foreign import pottery bottles.

All glass bottles come in a range of different pack sizes and where appropriate with a choice of coloured cap or type of cap.

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