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You don’t want to come across as a hyper-developed man-child who never quite managed to grow up, so it’s time to trim things back Your first stage is to take down the irredeemably nerdy stuff; if it’s something that you wouldn’t reasonably expect to see in a grown-up’s apartment, it’s time to put ’em away.You don’t have to toss ’em, but it posters, game tie-in “feelies” like cloth maps, any statues or toys that involve scantily clad women and any and all pillow cases and bedsheets.Alternately painfully shy or comically belligerent about their geeky interests.Prone to intellectual snobbery and full of condescension to others, using their intellect like a bludgeon to try to make others feel stupid.After all, you’re both geeks; she should understand and forgive you for being socially awkward without your having to make any effort to improve on your part!

Box up the unacceptable gear and put it into storage.

After all, who better to understand your hobbies than a fellow geek?

And after all, aren’t shared interests the foundation for a great relationship? geek and not an idealized fantasy figure, the fact that you’re both geeks doesn’t mean that all of your problems are solved.

If you want to store them in a spare closet, make sure to Hit the Container Store, get some boxes and organizational kits; having everything neatly filed away instead of a jumbled chaotic mess will win you points style bonus points by collecting some of the artist edition posters from artists like Olly Moss, Nakatomi Plaza and Mondo Press.

Original art from your favorite comics also look great when framed, matted and hung.

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