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Common williams dating

"We have a firm commitment to one another to keep our relationship private," Hammond said.

According to intel, the fact that he likes to keep things under the radar was a big plus point for Williams.

Around 250 lucky guests partied the night away following the ceremony, and bridesmaid Venus Williams was apparently right in the thick of it — the The tennis pro looked stunning in her custom made Galia Lahav dress, but nobody was talking about the guy she brought along.

You might find this shocking if you've watched her on the court recently, but Venus Williams will turn 40 in 2020.

No word on who bankrolled this consolation prize, but we think it's safe to say that this pair wasn't feeling the pinch. "It's not an engagement ring, but a 'friendship ring,' one friend of Hammond's told me, and not to be confused with the diamond ring Venus has owned for many years that has sparked speculation in the past." The veteran gossip columnist also contacted a source with intimate knowledge of the situation, who confirmed that wedding bells were not going to be ringing for the pair any time soon.

"They are in love," the insider said, "but no one has mentioned any engagement." Johnson also reached out to Hammond himself for comment, but the muscular millionaire refused to divulge any information about the status of his relationship with Williams.

He was first spotted in the Williams family box at the 2018 US Open according to the that Hammond's name was being frequently tossed around during the tournament.

His decision to join her on the other side of the world seemed to convince those close to the tennis player that he was interested in more than just adding to his already considerable net worth.

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When Annenberg passed away in 2002 at the age of 94, half of his reported $4 billion fortune was divided among his relatives, as per his (and his wife's) wishes.

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