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Consequences of invalidating environments

After a certain amount of injury, the need is somehow satisfied and the abuser feels peaceful, calm, soothed.

She says: An invalidating environment is one in which communication of private experiences is met by erratic, inappropriate, or extreme responses.

" Everyone experiences invalidations like these at some time or another, but for people brought up in invalidating environments, these messages are constantly received.

Parents may mean well but be too uncomfortable with negative emotion to allow their children to express it, and the result is unintentional invalidation.

(1995), a study that found that reduction of psychophysiological tension may be the primary purpose of self-injury.

It may be that when a certain level of physiological calm is reached, the self-injurer no longer feels an urgent need to inflict harm on his/her body.

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Dissociation in adulthood has also been positively linked to abuse, neglect, or trauma as a child.