Consolidating itunes library itunes 9

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Consolidating itunes library itunes 9

You'll see the files start to copy --- I'm hoping it will error on the too long file names, but it very well may not.This will still give you a backup copy of your itunes. Hi, I think I have done what you mean above and a bit more as I have copied everything from "my music" on the c drive into the external hard drive, it appears to have copied everything including the xml itunes library file. What I eventually want to do is replace this pc with a new one and just have all my music on the new pc being itunes compatible. Catherine Hi again, I think it has worked, but whether or not it will be successful with a new pc when we get it is another matter.This works great for just me, but with my soon-to-be wife about to move in with her own i Tunes library and Mac Book, I would like to consolidate our libraries and continue to keep it on the Drobo, since it keeps everything (more-or-less) safely backed up.I would like my wife and I to be able to share the same i Tunes library.Once you see what is too long --- rename it, then reassociate it in itunes.

Using My Computer, open the external drive letter, Choose File / New / Folder, call it "TEST ITUNES COPY", double click to open the TEST ITUNES COPY folder, then choose edit / paste.

On each machine you'll select folder (or wherever your tunes reside).

It will not get added to itunes on its own (Thanks alot Apple!

I've already looked at this question, and I've already looked at Dropbox and my Tune Sync. my Tune Sync seems like a great solution for some people, but as I understand it, instead of consolidating our multiple i Tunes libraries into a single one, it would sync them, meaning that any music files residing on my Mac Book would be copied to hers, and vice versa.

I love Dropbox for lots of things, but obviously it's no good for a very large library (could I use it just to sync our i files? This doesn't work for us because: , thereby making the paths to the files the same on all systems. During startup press Shift (windows) or Option (mac) to select the library file.

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I didn't get any error messages regarding the file names.

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