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Constantine dating

This site was built to form serious, stable, and lasting relationships. You must not send hate messages, nor will you be able to harass a member.We have made it possible for you to block a member at any time, to report it to the administration which will do its work quickly.January/February 316 – 340) was Roman Emperor from 337 to 340.Son of Constantine the Great and co-emperor alongside his brothers, his attempt to exert his perceived rights of primogeniture led to his death in a failed invasion of Italy in 340.Because it lay on the European side of the Strait of Bosporus, the Emperor Constantine understood its strategic importance and upon reuniting the empire in 324 CE built his new capital there -- Constantinople.Emperor Diocletian who ruled the Roman Empire from 284 to 305 CE believed that the empire was too big for one person to rule and divided it into a tetrarchy (rule of four) with an emperor (augustus) and a co-emperor (caesar) in both the east and west. Young Constantine rose to power in the west when his father, Constantius, died.Constantine soon complained that he had not received the amount of territory that was his due as the eldest son.

Constantine was initially the guardian of his younger brother Constans, whose portion of the empire was Italia, Africa and Illyricum.Division of the Roman Empire among the Caesars appointed by Constantine I: from west to east, the territories of Constantine II, Constans I, Dalmatius and Constantius II.After the death of Constantine I (May 337), this was the formal division of the Empire, until Dalmatius was killed and his territory divided between Constans and Constantius.) AKA ATG ATG Lookbook – Action comedy feature film in the spirit of Guardian of the Galaxy.Click to scroll through: DOOM DEATH AXEL DIANA ALEXANDER The Initiate The initiate is an action drama in the spirit of Children of Men.

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