Cultural dating perspectives

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Cultural dating perspectives

The fact that an arranged marriage is actually preferred in many cases in India, and may even indeed be a healthy and happier form of love than the marriages experienced in the west comes as somewhat of a shock or at least a surprise to most.

Many Indians look at marrying a person they don’t know, gives one “a lifetime to learn to love them”, as opposed to the American ideal of learning a person inside and out before entering into marriage.

A relationship not bound by marriage is more easily broken for the smaller nuances in life.

After marriage you tend to accept what you have rather than look for someone better as people often do while courting or dating.

Whereas in the west people do not take the idea of marriage seriously until after they know a person for a number of years or feel like they know everything about the person.

One way of looking at this difference is that after marriage you tend to accept your spouse’s differences and habits more easily than when you have a choice.

We base our marriage on commitment, not on feelings. In America, you base your decision to marry on feelings, but what happens when the feelings wane?

It is the father’s responsibility to choose and make the arrangements for a husband for his daughter.

While it may not be for all and love marriages in India are not unheard of or a rare sighting by any means…arranged marriages aren’t necessarily a bad thing either!

Here are some points to better understand the Culture of Arranged Marriages in India: Although most westerners cannot fathom marrying someone they do not love, it is incredibly interesting to note that arranged marriages is not something which is fought against, or a source of protest among the young of India.

It might seem like an easy matter for a father to arrange his daughter’s marriage, but religion and caste systems make it a daunting task.

A number of factors are considered, for instance, generally speaking, marrying outside of one’s own caste is frowned upon, so that limits the number of choices.

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Many people have a pretty major misunderstanding of the topic of arranged marriages and in fact have a fairly negative attitude regarding arranged marriages.

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