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Maybe you are too smart and don’t realize how ignorant your clients really are. Your design schools have sent you into the workforce unprepared to face the reality of dealing with a world where money is king (unfortunate, but true). I believe if you are prepared to fight on the beaches you can do what you love AND be paid like the professional you are.Maybe you don’t want to appear too simple-minded by stating the obvious. You need to teach us about the value in a way so simple that we can marvel at your creativity and pragmatism. Your professional organizations are more concerned with their own interests than your struggles – you, who fight on the front lines. Eric Bobrow, Enoch Sears and I are doing our part by teaching architects how to communicate their value in a way that brings them “better clients, better work, and better fees.”But we can’t win this battle alone. Over and over, I heard that female politics or “girl stuff” is like a foreign language, one they’re expected to speak but were never taught.Several even wondered how much more they could have accomplished with their powerful minds if they had been born male.She demonstrated “excellence in design and a commitment to working both sustainably and democratically with local communities” said the judging panel which also praised her ability “to design flexible spaces, and work with light and shadow to such compelling effect.” Fellow Mexican designer Rozana Montiel (pictured right) received the Moira Gemmill Prize for Emerging Architecture The Woman Architect of the Year shortlist also featured Julia Barfield, director of Marks Barfield Architects; Anouk Legendre, founder of XTU Architects; and Andrea Leers and Jane Weinzapfel, founders of Leers Weinzapfel Associates.Previous winners of the prize include Mecanoo’s Francine Houben and Studio Gang founder Jeanne Gang.All they really need is love and support.”In some cases, INTJ women are more fulfilled by their career than they are by their relationships, which can lead to being seen as emotionally stunted:“Your family thinks it’s sad that you work so hard, and they try to get you to do things for ‘fun.’ Although everyone needs a healthy balance, what they don’t understand is that for you, working generally is fun.”According to Trunk, this also leads to the biggest mistake INTJ women make. They start to try to fake it, and they downplay their competence. So then you’re still the outcast but without the dazzling brilliance that people will respect about you.”To me, what Trunk described sounded like a catch 22.They know it puts people off so they try to hide it.” Trunk said this gamble never pays off. How can you find acceptance, if you’re an outsider whether you try to fit in or not?

INTJs do have deep emotional needs, like anyone else, but they generally prefer to keep their feelings private.You assume your clients understand the value in what you are doing. Contractors blame the architect and come in at the last minute to “save the day.” They make out as the hero (and take the victor’s spoils). Construction managers set up shop and push architects out of the construction process (and make a killing doing it). What happened to the architect that led the design team – the architect who controlled the process and guided the contractor and owner to the successful solution? Instead, they’re constantly questioned for their blunt, sensible attitude. According to Trunk, “INTJ women don’t need a lot of the things out of a relationship that a traditional relationship provides.“If I were a dude, my workplace wouldn’t care about my demeanor and personality being the way it is,” one told me. They aren’t going to take care of all their partner’s emotional needs, and they tend to be goal-oriented and financially independent.

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Gabriela Carrillo has been named as Woman Architect of the Year 2017 at the Women in Architecture awards.

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