Dating and unbeliever

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My last year of college, I sat next to a guy in biology named Joe (not his real name).As we started eating lunch together, we discovered a mutual love of science fiction and classic literature.Just spare yourself the heartache and get over it.” Yet such harshness is neither in line with the gentleness of Christ, nor convincing.If only I could pair those sadder and wiser women—and men—who have found themselves in unequal marriages (either by their own foolishness or due to one person finding Christ after the marriage had already occurred) with the blithely optimistic singles who are convinced that their passion and commitment will overcome all obstacles.At any point in the last 10 years, you could have asked me what the No.1 thing I look for in a man was, and I would have said “strong Christian faith.” But when Joe and I started talking, I’m ashamed to say that shared interests and intriguing conversation overshadowed the quality I considered non-negotiable.Just because you plan on only dating other Christians doesn’t mean an attractive unbeliever isn’t going to ask you out.If that happens, here are a few things I learned that might help you respond when an unbeliever wants to date you.

If they refused to repent (and terminate the relationship), we would continue down the path of church discipline.We could talk for hours about shared ideas and interests.Then he slipped me a note during class to ask me out to a movie. He was shy, a bit awkward, and I knew from reading the stories he wrote in a writing workshop we’d both attended that he had little confidence when it came to his appearance or appeal. I found this out two days after we set up our date, when a lecture on evolution prompted the religion discussion we hadn’t had yet.I have not seen any Church apply church discipline to the dating of non-believers.I suppose because it's hard to define "dating" these days.

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Instead, variants of the serpent’s question to Eve—“Did God really say?

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