Dating boss

Posted by / 27-Dec-2019 00:08

Here are some of the pros and cons of dating your boss.If you need motivation to go to work, there’s nothing like the thought of your honey waiting for you at the office.Even though you’re over the moon about your newfound love, it can be tricky to date your supervisor.If you’re thinking about getting involved with the boss, there a few important things to keep in mind.

You may be well qualified for the job, but outsiders may start to think you’re only getting ahead because you’re sleeping your way to the top. Jealousy and nasty office gossip will likely be centered on you.This article will walk you through assessing the risks, and then give you some tips for flirting with your boss, should you choose to proceed.As soon as you shook your boss’s hand for the first time, you felt a connection. When you’re working together, the energy of the attraction fuels you to do your best work each day.It’s bad enough you’ll have to see each other every day after the breakup, but also keep in mind your boss could retaliate if your relationship goes down in flames.This could take the form of getting the worst assignments, terrible work hours, and possibly even losing your job.

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That long commute and those annoying co-workers won’t even phase you. It doesn’t even feel like work when you share an office space with your significant other (if the relationship is going well, that is). This can serve to help you not only catch your love interest’s eye but also get you noticed by management (as long as you’re dressing professionally).