Dating for holiday

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Whether you’ve chosen to share a twin cabin with someone else, or to have a cabin to yourself, you’ll find our boats large, airy and comfortable with lots of space for your belongings…not that you’ll need very much for sailing in the tropics 🙂 For people returning on a second trip, arriving back on board is like visiting friends.Your skipper will recommend a local restaurant based on quality and value for money; we don’t have any affiliations with any of the restaurants we recommend and guests are welcome to make alternative suggestions as we go.

You’ll come with us because we’ll take you sailing to amazing places and because we’ll show you another world, because we’ll show you world.

Many of our guests are single for one reason or another, either in between relationships, separated or divorced; others are happily married or partnered up but their other half would prefer to do something else on vacation or doesn’t have the amount of holiday time the other has.

We do also accommodate couples, but they aren’t our main clientele.

Our trips help to bring back those buried skills and memories and help develop new ones.

Some of our guests have a lot of sailing experience under their belt and some even own their own boats, if this is you, we provide a way of sailing a bigger vessel in a new part of the world.

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The cabin you choose when you make a booking is the one you’ll have when you arrive[1] .

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