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If you need to, practice your smile in the mirror to see what looks and feels best.

Then start using it with friends and little children to see how their expressions and interactions with you change after you smile at them in this manner.

Once I made this goal for myself, I had to figure out how to get more men to ask me out – because the truth is, the ball is in their court to ask us out.

So I decided to change some expectations and to go out with guys maybe I had already realized wasn’t going to end up in a relationship.

It’s called, “50 Dates to a Mate.”I’m a list kind of gal. It makes me feel like my hard work is worth it in anything I do and I get a lot of satisfaction when I complete a list.

A while I go, after I had several bad dates, I decided I would give myself credit for going out on them and “enduring to the end” of the date.

And let’s face it, most dates aren’t that fun – setups can be downright, tragically WRONG.

But, if I can just remember to make it a learning experience AND a check on my chart, it’s much easier for me to take the risk and go out with a guy that may not normally qualify as the man of my dreams.

For me, it’s about building some skills and trying to learn to get along and communicate with guys.Remember when I blogged about every date being a learning experience?Well, I’ve come up with something else that makes any date – no matter how painful or embarrassing – all worthwhile for me!And I couldn’t count it as a date if I asked them out.I only started really trying to date about a year ago, so I allowed myself to count some past dates as well so I would have a good running start – because for a girl like me 50 is A LOT!

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• Keep flirting, no matter how many date you have been on lately.