Dating griswold cast iron

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Dating griswold cast iron

Each type of iron requires its own charging furnace.

Most pan surfaces, particularly in skillets, were polish-ground using a stone grinding head.

Myriad types of people are simultaneously in thrall to this timeless metal cookware for their own reasons.

Many people are scrambling over themselves to acquire old cast iron without truly understanding the difference between what they are holding versus cheaper pieces made overseas, much less why it resonates so deeply with us.

You can almost feel in your hand the technology and history that comes packed into the skillet you’re using, that what makes it at once quite new and centuries old is something shared among people around the globe.

If you have a Griswold cast iron skillet that has been hiding in the back of your kitchen cupboard.

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Milling was not used as often as polishing, so one is lucky to find the circular milling marks or spiraled grinding marks.