Dating scammer jeff g hardy

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Dating scammer jeff g hardy

Grace Coleman Ph D - Relationship, Marriage, Couples Counseling E Pacific Coast Hwy # Long Beach, CA docgracephd-com Grace Coleman Ph D - Counselor- is offering professional services like Counseling, Relationship counseling, Marriage counseling and Couples counseling in Long Beach, CA-Counseling, Relationship counseling, Marriage counseling, Couples counseling, Counselor Do not respond- It is a total scam I I got the same thing, Imposters of Jim Britt, offering , customers because Jim has too many people making inquiries- They called me because I had purchased one of his books in the past- But it is not real- Talked to Mitch and then Damon at so-called "Business Development", claims to be a corporate office of Jim Britt's- It is fraud- I will be contacting Jim Britt to warn him I also received a call from this number- The gentlemen stated that he was from Legal Affairs Division of the U-S- Treasury and that the call was important- I did not return the call- Unlike the above person's experience - the phone number DID appear on my Caller I-DThese guys are wearing out my phone with telemarketing calls- Everyone file a complaint with the FTC especially if you are on the Do Not Call list or you have told them not to call you- Maybe they will shut them down or fine them out of business- www-donotcall-gov I also placed and paid for my order with Visol and are experiencing the same problems with regards to non delivery, ignored e-mails and closed down website- I am located in South Africa and it is therefore difficult to get hold of anyone that could investigate this company- Any ideas? This company is obviously scamming millions from unsuspecting customers? Got a message from "Jane Adams" to call her back after am when I am back in the office- I have had this type of call before,some type of women's clothing or something- DON'T call them back, I've heard from others that they won't stop calling- The number is actually listed to a woman named Sandra Becker in Woodstock Harassing spammer calls multiple times through the night time hours- Phone appears to be hijacked by a computer or robot, box it is capable of producing an extremely large quantity of inappropriate texts whilst leaving bulky time exceeding undiscernable voicemails to my number's inbox so quickly that it will cause % full within a few hours if I do not quickly delete- Very distracting and unesacary Consider maybe getting a call blocking device or phone- You can google them and many are around - or so- For Extortion Scam Operations, File reports with the FBI, your state attorney general and Department Of Justice, CFB, FTC & FCC-www-nwc-org www-ic-gov default-aspxwww-fbi-gov www-stopfraud-gov report-htmlwww-ftccomplaintassistant-gov #&panel-esupport-fcc-gov ccmsforms form-actionwww-consumerfinance-gov complaint www-fraud-org Also read up on the laws and your rights:notes-com arts Jb EW-e Dh QA harassin , ou-need-to-know See Residents post here also:notes-com forum ta-afabab unending-collection-calls Templates of Letters:notes-com Phone-aspx ,www-ftc-gov os statutes fdcpajump-shtmwww-consumerfinance-gov askcfpb search ,www-consumer-ftc-gov articles pdf,fair-credit-reporting-act-pdfwww-consumer-ftc-gov articles -debt-collection And see:notes-com forum ta-ecabcbb , service-attackswww-clarkhoward-com news clark-howard , r-phones nd Fc www-net-security-org article-php?

idnotes-com forum ta-acdad , www-consumer-ftc-gov articles -fake-debt-collectorswww-deadiversion-usdoj-gov pubs pressreleases extortion_scam-htmwww-fdcpa-me fake-process-server-injunction notes-com forum ta-bbcbc , net%s-tacticsdfi-wa-gov consumers alerts cashnet-payday-htmwww-cashnetusa-com consumer-noticesnotes-com forum ta-fddcfd , lectors-finally Extortion Scam Related to Delinquent Payday Loans Washington, D-C-December , FBI National Press Office() -?

"Google voice subscriber" that is supposedly the company calling-I doubt this caller has anything to do with google, it is very shady- I wish it would stopgot calls from foreign speaker lady in last days phone company told me don't call back ou'll get a BIG big bill SCAM PHONE SCAMand they can't block itwtf with the system- why can't FCC or stae get off their %&* and block #'sit is united marketing group UMG,they probe your acct for one dollar, then deduct once to twice monthly, charges from - to ,it is big scam my wife and I got scammed for -, but we finally got it back,be RUTHLESS with these people,you can win, - aka - , - aka - , - aka - , - aka - , - aka - , - aka - , - aka - , - aka - , - aka - , - aka - , - aka - , - aka - , - aka - , - aka - , - aka - , - aka - , - aka - , - aka - , and located at PO Box , Atlanta, GA - - aka - Lexington Ave, th Floor, New York, NY , just postal mailed us a scam phone directory listing- These scumbags are known as Biz Yellow - aka - PYP - aka - Public Yellow Pages - aka - United Directories - aka - Yellow Local Directory - aka - Yellow Pages Online - aka - Yellow Pages Public - aka - Yellow Pages United - aka -Yellow Pages United Online Business Directory - aka - YPLDIR - aka - YPU and many others- Reporting it directly to the BBB, the FTC, as well as to the Attorney Generals Office in both Atlanta, Georgia and New York- Also, if you want to see something truly hilarious, they idiots actually tried to pull their scam on the BBB - www-bbb-org us storage documents News%releases Yellow%Page-PDFPurported to be a survey about government and religion from American Family something or other- After i tried to answer the first question about whether or not I agreed with Billy Graham's statement that we should vote for people in government that support the sanctity of life and that marriage should only be allowed between a man and a woman- I hit to disagree and it would not accept my answer and finally disconnected- Tried to call the number back and of course it does not accept incoming calls- Religion and politics need to be kept separatereceive calls from this number but no messages left- One voice mail where -calls the caller was just breathing on the phone- they called my wife re: my passport application asking questions; then her family- just does not seem correct procedure with in company policy Update: I called the IRS- There is nothing wrong with my taxes or income- This number is not the IRS's- I reported the number to them- If you are called by this number, report it to the IRS also so they can go after these scammersthis is the caller number for calls from american agency at , trying to locate some who lived at my address a decade ago with completely different phone number- This is the latest in a long list of collection agencies trying to find this person They claim to be from a law office & say that they have a lawsuit against me for an unpaid payday loan with US cash advance- They have a very heavy Indian accent,very hard to understand- They called me times yesterday both on my cell & at work- They had all of my personal information- This is very scarythis happened to my mom, same as above with the calls stateing that my mom has to tell dad that they were recieving money and needed his routing number, my dad has been in a hospital since aprilth- and mom is yrs old- i guess they are trying to get all of their savings or what ever-she even recieved a post card stating about the money This is my normal SCAM Get at least five a day From: The Desk of the International Award Promotion's Coordinator, Mega Millions Lottery Award Division-Great Ormond Street London WCUnited Kingdom OFFICIAL WINNING NOTIFICATIONWe are pleased to inform you that you have been announced the lucky winner Number () in the Mega Millions Jackpot Lottery Award - Your company or personal e-mail address attached towinning number seven () with batch number: MML-, Lotto number: MML- and Winningnumber: MML, Therefore, you have been approved of the sum of ,- USD (Three Million United States Dollars) in cash and payment has been credited to Ref No: MM-This is from a total sum of ,- USD, shared among the twenty () Lucky international winners worldwide-All participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from over , companies and , individual email addresses all over the world as part of international E-mail promotion program conducted annually- contact our (FINANCIAL DIRECTOR) below To claim your prize-Name : DR, James Graham (FINANCIAL DIRECTOR)E-mail: email , email Tel : Must be some telemarket scam,got calls from this number and when you call back, it says its not a working number- Shouldn't the phone companies be able to find out who's doing this?

What real good is the "No Calls List" if there is no enforcement?

I had the same issue with all the telemarketers, then listed my number there and it seems to have stopped most of them- Might help you guys out www-donotcall-gov If you still get the calls, keep the number they came from and then just go and report them You can also list cell phone numbers on the Do Not Call Registry; seeing as how telemarketers seem to really target our cell phones more often than our home phones now This company has spoofed my home phone number- If they call you, it appears that they are Nationwide Trans with a , phone number- If you call that number it returns to me- My area code is - Please report this to the FCC, if you receive a phone call from this company- Mediacom Communications denies that this is their customer and hangs up on you The woman that gives this number out to push her Craig's List Scam is just that a SCAMMER- Do NOT wire her any money, money grams, etc- She says the vehicle she is selling for , is parked in HER garage in Lemont, IL - But the number she gives out is a land-line phone number for Beulah, Michigan, but yet she says that she is CURRENTLY living in Illinois?

Scam- She listed the same vehicle alll over the U-S- via Craig's List- Numerous people have flagged her as a scammer- BEWARE This "Jennifer Klump" is nothing but a scammer- Do NOT fall victim to her I received a voicemail from a slightly different number (,), referencing my resume on the Cal Jobs site- The caller mumbled her name, and did not give a company name, or any info on the open position- It smelled like SCAM- They asked me to call back at THIS number, and when I did, it was clearly a wrong number- Odd Very annoying, I am getting about - calls hangups each day, nobody says nothing when I answer it, what's up with this caller????

Called Info and it is a Non Listed #, Reported it to DNC listing This is De Vry University from phone number , The girl that leaves the message is called Melissa- If you ever inquired about a course and then changed your mind after supplying your name, email and phone number, they will call and email you for months on end- I just listened to a voice mail from them- This is the number on caller ID and on voice mail - , She identified herself and asked me to return her call- All I did was to inquire on a course but did not sign up for anything since I feel they are not a credible enough college that any employer in my field would acknowledge as a good thing- I requested my email be removed from their mailings but they do not cooperate- Is a good thing I gave them my Magic Jack internet number- I only plug that in if and when I want to make a call - which is almost never- It's my peace-of-mind phone, I give that number to anyone I don't want to hear from At least I don't have to be bothered by their calls, but they left a message and it came in an email that I only check once a month, if even- Haha I selected telemarketer as the call type because that was the closest out of the options choices on here- But actually, they seem to be De Vry recruiters Automated call from a collection agency- The message states the name of the person they are allegedly trying to contact, then states that by continuing to listen to the message you acknowledge you are that person and then gives you a different phone number at which to reach them- (So you can't find out who to call without [according to them] acknowledging you are who they are looking for-)Didn't reply to the following spammy text message received from this phone number: "Apple is looking for people to Test [sic, capitalized] & keep the New [sic] i Pad But only the st __ users that goto [sic, no spacing] http,co [I'll spare you the scam hyperlink] and enter code XXXX will Receive [sic] it"WHOIS search proved unable to find any record of the website Lmao, So I got a call from this guy saying I applied for a loan online- NOT TRUE Said that he was from Consumer Finance or something- He said I was approved for dollars- He asked what I needed so I played along and said - I asked what are there terms and conditions and how do I receive the money?

He told me I needed to talk with his "senior finance manager", whose name is Mark Houston- He gave me the number to call - I called and it rang three times and got a busy signal- Then he called back and asked for Mickey- WHAT?

"Kevin" said I didn't have to believe him and continued to argue with me even after I told him to hang up because he's obviously a scammer.

When I said I will ask my lawyer to call them back, they threatened me that once I hung up, my files would.

Be sent to local IRS office and the local police would investigate me.

I'm me and my handle is txtchick - I the said leave me alone idk who u r- And then the last thing they said was Log on please my phone is about to die- Creepy Jamaican scammers called saying we won mil- no mil no - mil, and they need to meet us at the bank with our cell phone- He claimed he was calling from PCH and UPS building, and a black Mercedes will show up at our house- no bank?

Very confusing but they seemed to know the name and age of my dad, very scary stuff- It was an automated voice- They want us to call them backcaller is abusive, asking for similarly named person at my phone number, identifies herself as "department of education" and refuses to say why she is calling my number except to say she was provided with a wrong number by this similarly named person~ continues to insist that this person provided my number to the "department of education", but now says that is because the person desires to avoid the "department of education"~ anyhow, she kept saying why do I care that it is just a wrong number, but when i ask her name she gets abusive and refuses to answer and then answers that she is isn "illinois" - of course phone number is NE Ohio area code no illinois I've gotten a few texts from this number with an invite to a "VIP event" at a crappy hotel in the city I live in- When I asked who they were they said "home based business"- I had only had my new phone number for day before I started getting the texts- Very unprofessional and annoying- That is not a way to do business Caller tried to tell me they are not selling anything but wanted to prequalify me for a solar system for my home- My mistake because I didn't get the company name to complain with the do-not-call-we-dont-do-anything government site Seriously, this is selling something I received a call from this number on at : AM Central Time- I did not answer- I have never done business with anyone at this number and I am on the Do Not Call Registry- Please shut them down- Thank you Have you tried going to the National Do Not Call Registry and listing your number there?

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I will arrive to the state in the next days but i can stay in a hotel room before the move in date, Please consider renting the place to me -My Dad will be paying for the room and he promise to pay months advance - I'm Helen Scott years, female , I Love reading , traveling going to movies-My mom works with USPS , Dad works at the Airport , I would have love to come and see the place but i'm presently out of state -I finished my degree in Biochemistry in usc-edu (University of Southern California) years back But i am coming from my masters in biology which I went to study at (UNAM) National University of Mexico , I;m presently out of the country doing a lot of research and practical's in Mexico, Am the only child of My parents and they still lives in California - Here is my Land-line number am not sure if it make long distance call -(Text Only)Got a call from them today asking if I got the notice from my Verizon bill- I asked who they were calling- She gave me a non-responsive answer- I said, if you are referring to a Verizon bill, don't tell me what number you are calling, tell me who you are calling (I was actually talking in a friendly tone since she may have had the right number for all I knew)- She just hung up on me Those guys sound real and persisting- They use scare tactics and call over and over unless you totally ignore them- Don't bother to call back or try to let your curiosity drive you to talk to them- THEY ARE UNETHICAL PEOPLEI GOT A CALL AT O CLOCK IN THE MORNING, I ANSWER AND NOONE THEN A MINUTE LATER I GET A TXT ASKING ME TO BE THIER FRIEND PLZ AND THIER NAME IS HANNAH AND HOW DO THEY KISS A BOY-AND IF I DIDNT ANWSER THE SAME TXT WOULD COME BACK AGAIN AND AGAINCalled my brother asking for me- She identified as Jackie and tried to get my contact info from my brother- He wouldn't give it out- Not sure who the hell she is or what she wants- All my debts are owed to companies and not her I am honestly sick of this- I'm only and yet i'm still in school- they call me during my school session and it's very annoying- These calls need to stop before I completely shut my phone off or go to where this place is located and cuss up a storm- I get a call about every minutes- I did apply for jobs online although, that's probably the source of where these calls come from- Is there something wrong with applying for a job online?

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