Dating site cost 16 99 dating sites and chat updated till now

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Dating site cost 16 99

I am a victim of identity theft that is coming from

I contacted the website and was told there was nothing they could do.

Telling you their wife/husband just died or this is the last day before their account is closed or they have an emergency won’t you please help?

Vultures preying on your search for a partner and urging you to click on a link to hack your computer or android.

One of the women that was scammed contacted them and was told the same thing.

I signed up for one month because there were 75 "messages" for me. Maybe you can find a soulmate here, but I wouldn't hold my breath.#Ladies Choice ensures that your potential matches are already more familiar to you (compared to other dating apps) and gives you the opportunity to create more meaningful relationships.Although the founders are extremely private about their userbase, they have reportedly gained 21 million users in both New York and Hong Kong.Our Time isn’t the only one, Tinder and others have the same issues.Just be aware, cautious and never ever click on that link! Complained to customer service with no satisfaction and when I cancelled my subscription was told I wouldn't be given any type of refund even though I only used 1 month of a 6 month subscription.

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