Dating software audio

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Dating software audio

Any controller, pair of headphones, studio monitors or audio interface you purchase will work quite fine with either.

Unless of course, you decide to grab a Thunderbolt audio interface, which is Mac only.

This is assuming you went with our choice of Mac previously (since Logic is Mac only).

Our choice: Focusrite Scarlett Check price\read reviews: US | UK When it came to choosing the best audio interface to recommend our readers, the brand Focusrite immediately came into mind.

Now don’t get us wrong, there are some incredibly insane interfaces out there; however, the Scarlett series sticks out as solid when it comes to price to quality ratio.

You can grab audio interfaces for as high as ,000 if you want something insane and have the money.

When it comes to a software for making or recording music, we’re going to be strict here and say to choose wisely.

There are some OK pieces of software out there can get the job done that may be a bit cheaper or easier to use; however, this in our opinion (and besides your actual computer) is the most important choice when it comes to .

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You can always grab the essentials now and go back for more later. Here’s our list for all of the necessary pieces of equipment needed for an optimal music production setup.

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