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Dating zildgian cymbals

Vasily Rudenko – Russia, Independent I prefer it because of the great ping, light Crash sound and good, big bell for accents. 20" Kerope Steve White – UK, Independent/Trio Valore My 20” Kerope is a new addition to my set up and I just love it.

In my opinion, it's the best choice for all styles of music. It’s versatile; I can crash it, ride it and it has a great wash.

Simon Scheibel – Germany, Lake Cisco When you play that Ride Cymbal and hear that sound, the word “sweet” gets a whole new meaning and you'll immediately understand what sweet really means.

John Tempesta – USA, The Cult I used it on the entire Cult tour and it has everything I want in a Ride Cymbal.

And if you’re replacing individual cymbals within your set-up, you should always aim to complement your overall sound with any new additions, rather than choosing a model that sticks out unnaturally.

We’ve tested a huge range of cymbals to suit all musical situations so, whether you’re looking for the best cymbals for rock, funk, metal, jazz, or any other style, we have you covered.

It sounds explosive, with a beautiful brilliant finish, and a sweet bell on it. Daniel Platzman – USA, Imagine Dragons Great tone, rich and complex while not too bright, and it Crashes great! Really lovely tones and flavors, but with lots of control.

A beautifully dynamic cymbal, perfect for our sound. Grant Gerathy – Australia, John Butler Trio I only use two cymbals and with the 20” K Zildjian Crash Ride cymbal, I could use only one.

Ivan Panella – Italy, Toya Delazy: I really love the 21” A Zildjian Sweet Brilliant Ride when I play live with my band.

Head Straight to Our Recommended Jazz Cymbal Meinl are a good brand who manufacture a lot of cymbals, these ones, in particular, being popular for jazz players.

The HCS20R are well-built and durable, and though they’re not built as ‘professional’ models, they are a good option for beginner and intermediate players, especially for the price.

To help narrow down your choices, or introduce you to a model you may not have considered, we reached out to our Artist Family to ask which Ride they use, specifically on tour, and why it works for them.

If you're on the hunt, here are 21 popular Ride models that you might want to consider “test driving” yourself at your local Zildjian Dealer!

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