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Marty Kaan est un consultant en finance et management auprès de grandes entreprises, adepte des filles, de la fête et de la frime.Aidé par sa fine équipe d'experts, il sillonne les États-Unis à la recherche de nouvelles victimes tout en élevant son jeune fils du mieux qu'il peut alors que son ex-femme, qui est aussi sa concurrente principale, n'en a que faire...In addition, at that time it seemed that Aubrey O’Day gained quite a lot of weigh and it was considered that she is pregnant, therefore people started speculating that Sean Combs was the father of the baby.When these rumors reached Aubrey O’Day she denied everything and posted on her My Space page that she was neither pregnant nor in a relationship with Sean Combs.Aubrey O’Day is known as a singer, actress, model and fashion designer from the United States.She was also known as a member of a girl band called “Danity Kane”.Il est le chef d'une des équipes de Galweather and Stern.Follow Caine, Duquesne, and their team of elite investigators as they tackle burning bodies, bouncing cheques, gang trials, conmen, distrust, dishonor, murder in the air, and murder on a reality television show.

Meanwhile, is the explosion at an upscale boutique that kills a 17 year old girl a random act or was the victim targeted?

In April of 2007 it was stated that Aubrey O’Day was in a relationship with Sean Combs.

It was known that Aubrey O’Day appeared in his TV show called “Making the Band”.

She added that their relationship was only limited to professional work.

Furthermore, there were some rumors in 2007 that Aubrey O’Day was in a relationship with DJ Cassidy.

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