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Datingwivesclub com

The novel is intelligent and funny, and the women only bring justice to their husbands, letting "the punishment fit the crime." Also, in the novel, how a person acted depended on who they were, not their sex.

All three Wives find love in new men (or in Brenda's case, women).

Bette Midler's character of Brenda remains very similar in personality, but very different in sexuality.

Her children too, get an overhaul in the novel's transition to film, but since none make much of an appearance in either, this is irrelevant.

While watching the First Wives Club, one must remember to take all of it's actions with a grain of salt - it is merely an exaggeration of an idea.

But the trio is determined to turn their pain into gain.In the novel, however, Brenda's money problems are much greater, and her anger with Morty who "welsched" on her is so great that there's not much of a chance of her wanting to get back together with him -- besides the fact that in the novel, he's in prison, and Brenda realizes, albeit somewhat late in life, that's she's a lesbian.Instead, she gets together with her feminist lawyer who helps her take on Morty.The next shot shows that Annie magically has a drink and the waiter is gone.See more » The First Wives Club, while being an amusing flick, should not and can not be compared to the novel of the same name.

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