Description of yourself for dating example

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Description of yourself for dating example

On the positive side, this means that it’s really not difficult to be better than most other people. Think of your profile as a CV for romance: the aim is to make enough of an impression on paper that you get invited to an interview (or, in this case, on a date).

If you’re wondering why so many Tinder users seem to be keen gardeners, know that the leaf emoji usually implies an interest in marijuana, not rhododendrons. What you’re looking for You don’t want to present a list of demands, but you do want to indicate what sort of person you’re hoping to meet and what sort of relationship you’re after.

You’re supposed to be selling yourself, not putting in an order at Dates ‘R’ Us.

Avoid the following faux pas and you’re well on your way toa profile worthy of a swipe right.

How else do you expect to meet someone – in real life? Your height The obsession with people featuring their height on their dating profiles truly baffles me. Surely the fact you can reach the top shelf in Sainsbury’s isn’t your number one selling point? I’ve heard various justifications for including height, with straight men often complaining that they feel obliged to include theirs because women are only interested in men taller than them, and women complaining that they feel pressured to list theirs because men are only interested in women smaller than them.

At this point, it seems that everyone is simply including it because everyone else does.

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According to the Office for National Statistics, the average height for a man in the UK is five foot nine – so unless tall men are somehow more predisposed to use dating apps than the rest of the population, a lot of people are being rather liberal with the tape measure.