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There are very many options for how you can do packaging and advertising that have a much lower impact on the environment.

As a business, you stand to make a stronger impact in how fuel conservation is approached by working with suppliers that utilize hybrid technologies and making sure that a part of what you consider when buying or selling is the cost and impact of the shipping of the product.

Massive scale deforestation in last couple of decades has reduced forest area by significant percentage.

The need of hour is to work with environmental groups to educate more people and plant more trees so as to make this planet clean and eco-friendly. Protect Local Water Sources: Hazardous waste materials like paint, oil, ammonia and other strong chemical solutions should never be disposed on the ground as they’ll seep into the groundwater.

As mentioned earlier, one of the disadvantages is that may have to forgo some of the more modern conveniences.

To live in and support a sustainable community and economy you may not have many of the conveniences that you are used to – by far this is the hardest thing to adjust to. 3 R’s of Waste Hierarchy: The 3 R’s of waste hierarchy can reduce the amount of waste generated and improve the waste management processes.

One of the best examples is the idea of the personal car.

While you may realistically need a personal vehicle, you do not need one that gets poor gas mileage or is made with luxury accessories or advanced electronics that are impractical, and also consume vital natural resources.

The best you can do is to join different environmental groups in your city and provide helping hand to make this planet environmentally friendly.

Living the eco-friendly life has some advantages and disadvantages.

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The intent is focused on not creating harm to environment, and to prevent as much harm from occurring to the environment through your interactions with it.

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