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Fear of dating after divorce

For me, my main criteria was that I date someone who could respect my success and need for independence and I knew that I could only find that in a man at least a few years older than me.There was no way I was going to date a man in his twenties again only to have him running away again because I was more successful/ well-traveled/earned more than him!I remember people who told me that instead of dating again I should go for a religious pilgrimage (?? ) when I knew that I needed to just take the plunge and date again.It wasn’t easy in the early days where I second guessed myself a lot and wondered what was the point of even dating if it would only lead in heartbreak.and I don’t disagree- dating is difficult when you consider all the fear factors involved.

It’s very off-putting and instantly feels like the person needs therapy, and not romance.You aren’t looking for some sort of fairy tale anymore- you need compatibility, strength and maturity.The less time you spend playing games and being upfront, the more chance you have peace of mind and success.What if everything you’ve ever been told about her “signs” are just flat out WRONG? Dating when you’re in your twenties, dating when you’re in college, dating when you’re a single mum…

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You have walked through the fire and come out unscathed. Why not be 100% honest with the person you’re seeing?