Finnish dating websites only for finnish people

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Finnish dating websites only for finnish people

To add to the conversation : I myself an indian born and been living in finland for the last 5 yrs... Dated few girls and now recently engaged to my girl (second longest relationship).

Know quite many asians(pak-ind-bangla) and some are happily married to finns.are dating ..have families...

In Kamppi area, I checked out a few, like Molly Malones, Gloria, Tavastia, Tiger, Corona etc...

They are pleasant and mostly play nice music (even though the beer prices are kinda absurd...)Being a 28-yr old single man, the major motivation for going to pub is to check out the women (ahem! I have read in many places about the difficulty in getting a Finn to chat up with you.

Of course its not impossible, but you are much more likely to be dismissed by some arrogant pretty girl than if you were a handsome, sun-kissed Mediterranean, for example.

I know quite a few indians and shri-lankans here and they often lament how Finnish women apply some kind of stigma to them (asian men also).

I've gotten good results with just asking whether the person likes beer and if yes, suggesting that we go out for one right now.

especially people who live in kallio rarely say no.

You can meet them anywhere shop, ur own office, shopping mall, bus, others...

Many of my fnds they party at home .go out later and some dont....

I'm like to do hand made works, to draw, to go for walks, may be jogging, swimming, dancing, communication. I have light wavy brown hair, big green eyes, I'm a bit plumpy, not tall165.

Finns normally go to the bar to either get drunk or pick up someone (or both).

Most Finns dont go to bars to "meet someone" for an interesting conversation. As others have said, try tinder or some other form of social networking.

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I have been checking out the pubs and bars in Helsinki area, especially in Kamppi and in Kallio.

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