Florida minor dating laws

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The early presentation of factual defenses, legal issues, and mitigating circumstances can have a dramatic impact on the State’s decision to move forward with a domestic battery charge.It communicates competence and resolve, and establishes a rapport that may be needed in any future negotiations.In many cases, it is appropriate for a defendant and/or victim to be proactive and voluntarily enroll in counseling or other psychological or substance abuse services.Voluntary participation in such programs can show a level of responsibility by the parties, change prosecutor perceptions of a case and of the defendant, and increase the possibility of a non-criminal resolution, such as Pretrial Intervention.

When the children entered the vehicle, our client calmly approached the driver’s-side door to tell his children goodbye.

We determined to not waive speedy trial, and proceeded to file multiple motions in limine to exclude the 911 call and other critical items from evidence.

We also filed a Motion for Court Ruling to determine the admissibility of evidence that would be used to impeach the credibility of the alleged victim.

Where a domestic violence charge cannot be disposed of in the early stages of the case, pretrial motions can provide additional impetus for a drop or reduction in charge.

Some common examples include ‘Stand Your Ground’ Motions, Motions in Limine, and Motions for Court Ruling.

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In some cases, being ready, willing, and able to proceed to trial can itself play a major role in having a charge dropped, reduced, or diverted.

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