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After Candace welcomed her three children, she also decided to devote herself to her faith when she became a Christian.

Her brother Kirk became a born-again Christian at the age of 17, and he would teach his sister about the faith during his studies.

Candace was 19-years-old at the time and recalls the moment she saw 21-year-old Bure.

“We were looking at these two cute men on the ice, and I was like ‘I wanna meet that one, the blonde one.” Dave Coulier became aware of Candace’s comments and took it upon himself to play cupid.

Candace is no stranger to the entertainment industry and, even though she started acting at a young age, she was born into a famous family.

Her mother was a big talent agent in Hollywood, and her brother Kirk was also a child star turned teen heartthrob.

They did not forget Dave Coulier in all this, and Bure sent him a hockey stick with the engraved message: “Thanks for Candace.” Two years after they were married, the couple welcomed their first child in 1998, a daughter named Natasha.

In 2000, their son Lev was born, and in 2002 they welcomed another son named Maksim.

Since the moment they became a married couple, they always appeared madly in love, and put any criticism towards their marriage to the back of their minds.Although this came as a surprise to many, on June 22, 1996, Cameron and Bure invited their closest friends and family, including Candace’s actress and her NHL player husband have been married since 1996, always appearing as the perfect couple.Though they have never been plagued by rumors surrounding their marriage, people have still questioned their relationship.Candace followed a similar path to her brother and asked for his religious books and she decided to embrace the religion completely.From then on, Cameron’s faith became an integral part of her life.

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She explained that her love for husband and her understanding of marriage came from her religious beliefs, and she followed her religion to ensure her marriage was how it should be.

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