Gift ideas for newly dating couple

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Gift ideas for newly dating couple

Look, I'm no expert, but I did get my now-boyfriend, then-friend one about the making of Games are great because they basically guarantee an invite to the inaugural game night festivities from said person.

They also present the perfect opportunity for you to show off your funniest, most charming side around your crush.

And if you make it past the 60th date, you'll always have this card for your future family scrapbook.

Getting them something that screams self-care, whether it's bath bombs or massage oil, is showing that you want to help them feel more relaxed.

Though you guys are no-strings-attached, you probably care about each other outside of sex and want to convey that in a gift.

A quality scented candle is a solid gesture and will make the room you ~share~ all winter a little bit cozier.

Here are some ideas: The positive thing about being stuck in the texting phase is that you probably have a solid grasp on your crush's interests.

Books are neutral, yet personal, especially if you truly tap into who they are and what they like.

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If you're into them and want to take things outside of the bedroom, a movie gift card for the approximate cost of two tickets sends a message and might just do the trick.

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