Gps updating for ifr flight

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Gps updating for ifr flight

You can do most of your training with a single nav radio, you'll need GS to do a precision approach for your checkride.Cheapest option would be rent a plane for the checkride that has GS.If it were me I'd buy the equipment, but depends how long you want to keep the plane.

Not sure on install time but my GS just splits off the VOR antenna before it gets to the radio so they shouldn't have to run new antenna wires, and wiring from the radio to the new CDI shouldn't be too complicated. Correct me if I'm wrong but I've always been told that Cessna 150 and IFR conditions do not belong in the same sentence. I even picked up some ice on an approach last year, not a pleasant feeling seeing it, but it kept flying and got me on the ground safe.

I've never flown in or even sat in a 150 so I'm not sure how rugged they would be in IFR conditions and bad weather. Side note: you don't need to tell people to correct you, this is the internet.

Doing the book work for IR now, so take this with a grain of salt, but I don't see why not.

Probably another 00 to install them but that's just a guess.

You could probably even find a couple of NARCO MK12's for 0 a piece. Then you'd need the glieslope radio attachment (not sure on the cost).

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In today's GPS world, do you still think about using the VOR navigation system anymore?

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