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It has to be real, like you can tell if the girl’s not into it, if they don’t like it, or if they’re with a stranger, you can tell, you can tell. I don’t have implants, I’m not this super skinny airbrushed bleached-hair pro porn star.

When you watch that, you know she’s somebody that’s fucking some director in Hollywood. I mean After my daughter was born, I could just feel the loss of my income.

I’m not giving a blow job to a stranger, I love and care about him and I want to make him feel as good as possible.

If I’m in a bad mood, or I don’t feel well or if I’m sick, it doesn’t look as good.

Some people think we have a crew, but it’s just us. We were by the tub in the hotel and she looked back at the camera and laughed hysterically.

Occasionally we’ll do two cocks and I don’t mind filming with other people, but I need to feel comfortable. If I get horny while I’m editing, I know it’s a good one. We decided we’d show the video to a friend and see what he thought.

Before the rise of streaming sites like Xtube and Pornhub, ambitious amateurs made names for themselves, and occasionally quite a bit of money, producing, posting, and selling their own content online — often content where low-budget intimacy (and more “authentic” sex) seduced devoted fans.

One of those tapes Homegrown left us was from this couple in Waco. One Sunday in 1995 we spent ,000 on a Packard Bell with a 75 megahertz processor. It came with a modem and free access to certain online products, including AOL, Compu Serve, Prodigy, and a browser called Netscape.Jen: We got married in 2000, at the height of our popularity.It was a traditional wedding but since all of our friends were web people, it was this weird mix, you know?We never did much static-cam stuff If he is holding the camera he could look into the frame and kind of see what he was capturing.And then also when I was looking at the camera, it was like I was looking at him so my eye contact would come off really hot, because you know, this is a person that I love.

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