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Hot aunties at 40 50

In the India of my childhood, aunties were privileged and exceptional members of the family.If they were not the sisters of your father or mother, or the wives of your uncles, they were close family friends who had known you since infancy and had a stake or significant interest in your well being.In a culture in which godmothers were unfamiliar, the aunty, like the �aunt� elephant in a matriarchal herd of elephants, took on that distinctive, responsible role and helped our mother defend and protect her calf.Children have always needed aunties: women who were caring and courageous enough to share in the act of mothering.Today, the title �aunty� is so overused and misused that it has lost its position and meaning.

Friend i want to share with so many sexy and hot images of aunty and sexy bhabhi which might be very useful in term of excitement.And aunties have always been part of every child�s �village,� whether in India or the United States.In fact a bestselling tribute to the institution of aunty-dom, The Complete Book of Aunts by Rupert Christiansen, was published in the U. in 2006 and states that of all our blood relations, an aunt offers the most potential for an uncomplicated friendship.I�m not referring to school children here, but to those I see as adults, the lipsticked and bearded variety, who ought to know better. I don�t have a problem with terms like ammayi, or cheriamma, or edathi, all specific Malayalam words that acknowledge individuals who are close family members and deserve rightful respect in the family�s pecking order.There are equivalent terms in every Indian language: terms like maami, mausi, and didi that all validate close family connections. Her use of the term �aunty� with a perfect stranger was both deliberate and careless. There was no regard for long-term association or affection.

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As an adult woman who has also been called �aunty� one too many times by too many adults who I barely know, I have a bone to pick with what I believe has become a hapless naming practice.

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