How do guys feel about dating single moms

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How do guys feel about dating single moms

What if this doesn't work out, am I like the real father leaving all over again? Some guys are into the family thing, some guys aren't.

As a 21 year old male I prefer not to date single mothers.

How can anybody possibly know if a relationship is going to last. I became a single mum at 35 and am not attractive in any way so haven't been beating them off with a stick.

I remember my best friend saying something to me once about a certain boyfriend - - - "it's a certain type of man who goes out with a single mum. I've been giving this quite a lot of thought recently as this seems to be the common theme running through Ex P's previous girlfriends... Though I should say that I still love and adore him, the 'mothering' was the main thing that led to our demise - I could only be responsible for so much ("Perhaps it would be best if you book your own doctor's appointment as you know when you will be free" ) Some undesirable men think that single mothers are more likely to be desperate for a man in their lives than childfree women, therefore single mothers are more likely to put up with selfishness, laziness or even abuse just so as not to be single.

But that doesn't mean that everyone you are going to meet will always be an arsehole.

Who has 8 children by 5 diffrent mothers who he never sees . I tried internet dating for a while but the only women I seemed to meet either spent all their time slagging off their exes, asking lots of probing questions about how much money I had and/or drinking themselves bandy.

Also I find that a lot of single mothers can be very desperate and I think a low life can smell it on you When I ask my friend why she dates the loser she says because who's gonna want her with with 4 kids I was single for six years because I was not willing to waist my time or my los time with loosers already made a mistake with my ex Just my view on it and my experience with my sigle parent friends Snorbs, that's because I've met your share as well as my own of arseholes. Life is a lot easier single Stuffinggoldbrass you put it much better than I could You are not doomed if your a single mum but you have to follow some rules No men around the kids unless you are sure it is ending in living together or marriage Because their are only so many uncle johns a child will put up with Do not be having or think about having anymore children, we know how un fun being a single mother is with 1 ex don't allow it to happen a second time babies should only be considered in a long term relationship Any woman who will have a baby for any Tom dick or Harry is easy and will be treated as such If they have a number of children of which they don't have any contact I would be very wary about their ability to parent any child if they don't have contact with their own Never blow out your own child for a man if a man feels you don't put your child first he won't either and won't respect you as a mother What you chatting about maypole1?

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They aren't afraid of the possibility of MAYBE becoming a step parent some day and are just more mature overall.