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I tried on my own for about a month and hardly got any replies, and was just about to give up when I was referred to okcupidconsultant by a friend.

Given the patchwork of laws and sweeping amount of information dating sites would like to collect from you under the auspices of finding your perfect match, it’s prudent to take responsibility for your privacy and your safety through education and discernment.

And if it’s not a good one - you know you SWIPE LEFT almost every single time, right? " Can you guess what the SECOND most important thing about your online dating profile is? You know what it’s like to come across a profile that has you yawning or has horrible grammar or doesn’t give you anything to bounce off for a first message. Most people can’t get away with a decent photo only.

So show up at the top of the page when your soulmate logs in today and click below! The people who have the MOST success with online dating are the ones who put GENUINE CARE into writing their profile.

Modern day matchmaking is big business, and the search for true love online has produced big data which is also deeply personal. For those addicted to swiping left and right, however, there may be a hidden vulnerability.

While online and mobile dating platforms have reinvented the ways we can discover and connect with partners, they’ve also presented profound privacy and safety issues. As reported in the Guardian, “Swipebuster” is a paid service which allows anyone to spy on Tinder users.

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It’s also helpful to understand the economics behind online dating sites and why marketers are eager to have access to what you might share when looking for a romantic partner. In this online guide, advises users what to be on alert for when using the site. You might not realize how your information may expose you to threats. Checking the privacy policy for any online dating service is a must. Ask yourself what seems necessary and what may be better shared in person.

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