Interracial asain dating

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Interracial asain dating

This is evident in the content and the stream of “success stories” in the landing page of the websites.

By comparing and contrasting the matchmaking platforms, I argue that the portrayal of the Filipina’s identity reinforces not only patriarchal but also orientalist perspectives.

In , the religious faith of a Filipina is highlighted, alluring men to attain what Tolentino coins “nuclear family fantasy”.

Interestingly, while both platforms cater to men and women, much representation is given to women.

Filipinas utilise dating platforms in many possible ways. For instance, Filipinas use dating platforms alongside social media channels to communicate with and build trust among their potential foreign partner.

For example, Rhaze, a Filipina You Tuber in Australia with over 480,000 subscribers, shared her journey in meeting her Australian husband through a dating website on You Tube.

The photographs, texts, promotional videos, and other elements of the websites construct an ideal femininity—nurturing, familial, God-fearing, and English-speaking—and perpetuate gender hierarchy.

One may then ask, what if one does not fit into certain tropes that are promoted by such dating channels?

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, 56.3% of the estimated 2.2 million Overseas Contract Workers (OCWs) who worked abroad in 2016 were female.

A colonial past and a feminised overseas employment have contributed to the formation of interracial coupling in the Philippines.

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However, such personalised and digital practices are not detached from the broader politics of gendered mobility, identity, and intimacy.