Intuition dating

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To get you started, here are a few words that show up on most people’s lists: trustworthy, honest, sense of humor, communicates well, easy going, hard worker, kind, open, warm. You’re going to use your sixth sense to see what it has to say about your new date. Pay attention to any feelings, fleeting impressions, images or body sensations. (That’s a sure way to shut your intuition down.) Write whatever comes to your heart and mind. And here’s some more good news: you can expect it to do that not only in matters of love, but in all matters throughout all your life. Her intuitive reading clients consistently praise her uncanny insights as “spot on,” resulting in personal clarity, creative solutions and overall success.

In fact it will answer all of your questions better than any other person, any other piece of dating advice and any one of my blog posts.

We would always suggest that you wear what you feel comfortable in but do make an effort.

Some of our clients come from work so they are wearing business dress and others have time to get changed first – it’s entirely up to you!

So trying to act in a predefined way, is probably the worse thing that you can possibly do! Women it will tell you if this guy is really into you or not and if he has good intentions.

If there is anything I can teach you guys, is that you must cultivate and act upon your gut or intuitive feelings.

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