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The difference in battery life between the original pair of Air Pods and these new ones was absolutely not noticeable to me.Of course, the charging case is designed to make you to put these little white nuggets back into their proper resting place.They worked fine with my i Phone, for the most part, but didn’t seem to want to stay connected to my Mac Book Pro.When you flip the charging case open and your i Phone is nearby and unlocked, a battery life indicator is supposed to pop up on your i Phone. Pairing the new Air Pods with Android devices (which happens over Bluetooth, not the custom H1 chip) was more of a challenge.Samsung’s Gear Icon X earbuds match Apple’s claim of five hours.Another benefit of Apple’s custom-designed chip is that it’s supposed to enable painless Air Pod pairing.

Apple seems to believe it has hit a design stride where the shapes and screens and curvature of things don’t need a dramatic reinvention at this moment in time.

It took four pairing attempts to connect the Air Pods to his phone in a way that I could actually hear his playlist.

This isn’t quite the effortless future we’ve been promised.

To the second I say, sure, if you’re in the market for expensive earbuds—and you have an i Phone. The One thing that is new in this version is the option of a Qi-compatible charging case, if you’re willing to spend 9 instead of 9.

The charging case is also sold as a stand-alone product for .

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The first time you connect any pair of Air Pods to an i Phone, i Pad, or Mac, you’ll have to go through a fairly standard pairing process. It’s supposed to be a frictionless connection between your Air Pods and your gadgets.

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