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I'm that kind of person that really doesn't get involved much in drama and stays far away from it all, which saved me big time with the MIL I was cursed to have. They've got a huge company, they live(d) in this palace of a home, they had maids and they had beautiful cars. Well, my mom only recently retired from being a maid and my dad washed dishes and cleaned universities.

It bothered her because you see, my husband's family is filthy rich.

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Let's start at the beginning, when my husband started dating me, my MIL went nuts. The only reason my husband and I met was because we both went to the same rich kid's high school.Next time we'll talk about how she crashed my wedding.Rules Reminder: r/JUSTNOMIL does not tolerate shaming or trolling of any kind.Except he got there because his parents could afford it, I got there because of scholarships and good grades.So now that we've established that I shouldn't be dating guys who are rich because I'm poor, let's move on.

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My FIL somehow agreed with her and sat my husband down to have the "if you don't let go of this peasant girl, we'll disown you."And that's how my husband left his palace to come live with my poor family and I. She'd run into me at random places- like Wal mart- where I swear she had never been before or she'd randomly show up at a bar where I was with university friends at 11 pm.

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