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how much we should read ontology off surface grammar.

Now I know, this isn't exactly the most original thought in the world--Quine, Carnap and all that.

His idea, as I remember it, is that if we think of reference and satisfaction applying to talk of ordinary objects then we should think of them as applying to mathematical objects also.In fact, I think every time one broaches a new subject the best thing to say about what the theory of truth is changes.Philosophical analysis is supposed to be the attempt at making the best sense of how we think about things--why the bias towards uniform accounts. Science seems to me about as uniform as the contents of a typical issue of the Philosophical Review, think of the worlds apart between comp sci, quantum mechanics, evolutionary psychology et cetera. So that we should think of number terms as referential terms (at least if we think of ordinary terms as referential).I don't know much about the philosophy of math---take a look at Antimeta for some cutting edge stuff though--but I've often wondered how general such a claim should be--i.e.

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The acyl modification is essential for biological activity [1]; however, some findings provide evidence that des-acyl ghrelin exhibits some biological action [3–7].